Mayfair Apartments

Project Type:  Historic Apartment Renovation 

Size: 16,436 square feet

Client: Midtown Renaissance  

Contractor: Lingo Construction 




The tax-credit guided renovation of this historic 1930’s structure within the Midtown District of Oklahoma City is a careful study in both the preservation of a landmark building and opportunity for contemporary design intervention. Due to the vast temporal chasm between the original construction and renovation work, the contrast between the two could not be plastered over in any believable manner.

Yet the obvious alternative, an unmitigated juxtaposition of the existing and new, seemed irreverent to the spirit of historic preservation. Instead, the designers opted to suspend their modern insertion within the restored historic shell by establishing buffer zones to separate the two.

New millwork and gypsum board are held off the historic perimeter, while the generous use of reveals ensures that the two time periods will not touch. Subtle material and color changes between units offer an unexpected diversity and individuality to the project., A rich palette of woods, whether walnut, white oak or bamboo, is complemented by harder surfaces of quartz and porcelain tile.

The restored exterior belies the modern interiors, where comfort and flexibility are key to this successful development.

*Completed as Butzer Gardner Architects